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‘Under no circumstances should any trader indulge in hoarding and profiteering’
Trade body spokesperson

Idle wheels steer prices
The truckers’ strike took its toll on the Calcutta consumer’s pocket on Thursday, with prices of commodities spiralling in local markets....  | Read.. 
Quota hike to woo outstation students
After a series of measures to check the exodus of students to other states — led by the opening of private engineering and me...  | Read.. 
Case insult to jaywalk injury
Arati Majumdar, 60, was injured while attempting to cut through high-speed traffic on APC Road, in front of Khanna cinema, on...  | Read.. 
Quest for the self with wandering minstrels
Harry Matthews had come to Bengal in search of his ‘moner manush’. The quest took the New Yorker to obscure pockets of...  | Read.. 
She-trouble sighted for road Romeos
Fresher and karateka policewomen’s team out to teach teasers a tough lesson

brace against ‘shock and awe’ the next time you pass a lewd remark or make an obscene gesture. The shock would come from the ...  | Read.. 
Idle wheels steer prices
Hello, it's Friday, April 18, 2003
Road to avoid
The dancer in the tomb
Jehangir Jani is an artist who defies convention. ...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Poonam Dhillon, actress.You are affectionate and caring. Colleagues may drag you into a power strugg ...Read.. 
Guest Column
Watery landscapes, bhatiyali songs, roving fishermen. Men of East Bengal drew nourishment fro...  | Read.. 
From bhangra brigade, a warm ‘welcome’
Calcutta-based Punjabis have one more reason to break into bhangra. ...  | Read.. 

Pledge on oil firm pension
Petitioned by politicians of all hues, the Union petroleum ministry has sai...  | Read.. 

Safety blanket for busy areas
The state government has started formulating a strategy and a new set of ru...  | Read.. 

Palta boosts water supply hopes
From next week, the city can expect an improvement in its water supply, wit...  | Read.. 

Hard work by busmen wins health cover
The Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) has lined up a string of fa...  | Read.. 

Museum artefacts on Taiwan tour
For the first time since its inception in 1814, the Indian Museum is sendin...  | Read.. 

Artists who leave nothing unsaid
If a picture speaks a thousand words, a poster packs a lot of punch into th...  | Read.. 

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Woman sets self on fire, husband hurt
MLA residence burgled
Life sentence
Flights cancelled
Traders’ protest
New train stops
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