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Rising resentment in Baghdad
Protests against US forces here are rising by the day as Iraqis exercise their new right to complain — something that often landed them in prison or worse during Saddam Hussein’s rule. ...  | Read.. 
Ali arrives in Kuwait for special care
An Iraqi boy who became a symbol of civilian suffering in Iraq’s war after he lost his arms has been flown to Kuwait for specialist care. He needs major surgery but at least ...  | Read.. 
Syria springs arms treaty trap on Israel
Syrian foreign minister Farouq al-Shara has said his government is willing to sign a treaty making the entire West Asia free of weapons of mass destruction. ...  | Read.. 
7 killed in Mosul shootout
US troops killed at least seven Iraqis in Mosul when a demonstration against their presence in the northern city turned violent yesterday, a US official said today. ...  | Read.. 
A camel nuzzles the gun of a US soldier near a presidential palace in Baghdad on Tuesday. (Reuters)
Claim of big catch in retired terrorist once America forgot
The US today trumpeted the capture of a veteran Palestinian guerrilla chief in Iraq as proof of a l..  | Read.. 
War over, home truths confront Bush
In his moments of quiet reflection, President George W. Bush may well be hoping that the war in..  | Read.. 
Pro-US Chalabi in Baghdad
Pro-American Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi returned to the ...  | Read.. 

America’s war bill: $20 billion
The US military has spent $20 billion on the war in Iraq an ...  | Read.. 

Looters to inherit infection
Looters who raided Iraq’s Central Public Health Laboratory ...  | Read.. 

Iraqis to use dollars for time being
Iraqis will use US dollars and other currencies including t ...  | Read.. 

Heat on master, sweat in Beirut
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri submitted his resig ...  | Read.. 

UK Euro battle reaches climax
Speculation about Britain’s euro decision has hit fever pit ...  | Read.. 

WHO confirms virus suspicion
The World Heath Organisation (WHO) today officially confirm ...  | Read.. 

London’s traffic gamble seems to have paid off
London’s gamble on a controversial £5 -per-day ($7.85) cha ...  | Read.. 

Australia plans laws to ban spam
Australia would ban the unsolicited sending of electronic ...  | Read..