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No more war plans, says Powell
US secretary of state Colin Powell said today the US has concerns about the policies of Iran and Syria but it has no “war plan” to attack them or other nations. ...  | Read.. 
The big dog that did not bark
There were no chemical weapon attacks, there was no “war within a war” between Turkey and the Kurds, no refugee crisis, no mass destruction of oilwells, bridges or dams and t ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad end not like Berlin fall: Germans
Many East Germans who helped topple the Berlin Wall are rising up again — this time to angrily reject comparisons by US leaders between the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s rule ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad bustles with activity amid traffic jams
Amid fraying tempers and honking horns, traffic jams on Baghdad’s streets today were a sure sign, if not a welcome one, that Iraqis in the city of five million were starting ...  | Read.. 
hot wheels: A 1932 Rolls Royce Derby lies parked in the basement of Baghdad’s municipality building. A dozen classic cars, including a 1953 Cadillac, ...  | Read
Saving Ali is Blair priority
Tony Blair, who has received a real hammering in the British media for the tragedy that has bef..  | Read.. 
Pro-US leaders to benefit most
Arab leaders who braved hostile public opinion to help the US in the Iraq war stand to be big winne..  | Read.. 
China starts to battle virus as 9 die in HK
Hong Kong reported a record nine SARS deaths in a day today ...  | Read.. 

Virus begins to infect social attitudes
Shunned by taxi drivers, rejected at hotels, turned back at ...  | Read.. 

Malaria therapy for AIDS triggers uproar
Dr Henry Heimlich, inventor of the famous anti-choking mano ...  | Read.. 

France warns radical clerics
France today threatened to deport any Muslim leaders preach ...  | Read.. 

Pentagon invitation to radical priest irks Muslims
Muslims at the Pentagon are incensed by what they say is an ...  | Read..