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Perfect ploy to trap tease

Arpita Bhattacharya,

The deployment of plainclothes policewomen will definitely check eve-teasing on the streets. The idea is appreciable because these days, the force is often associated with cases of harassment and coercion. Moreover, a policewoman can better understand the psychology of a woman in distress.

Tapan Pal,

It may help check harassment of women. But experience says some plainclothes policemen risk getting caught in the act. The image of our force, riding downhill since the American Center attack, will only go subterranean.

Sunil Banerjee,
Anupama Housing Complex.

Sergeant Bapi Sen died for attempting to ward off the molesters of a woman. A housewife was scorched with a cigarette butt for protesting harassment. In such conditions, simply deploying plainclothes policewomen will not help curb eve-teasing. Besides, todayís tease is not only adamant, but even ruthless and vindictive. The women of our force arenít quite equipped to tackle these ruffians, and might even incur the wrath of the harasser. Eve-teasing is a malady and should be treated as a social evil. All citizens need to extend a helping hand to the police to eradicate this menace.

Saadia Sitwat,
Linton Street.

These days, eve-teasers are not cowed down by anybody. They go for the kill irrespective of whether the girl is alone or with her family. Their comments and actions donít spare any female, whether she is a teenager or even a middle-aged woman. And this has made life very difficult for us women in Calcutta, once believed to be the safest city in our country. The menace needs drastic measures to be checked.

Santosh Chakravarty,
Unique Park.

Yes, but only marginally. Do we have enough policewomen to deploy for the plan of action' They must have other duties to perform, too. Mobile police vans may patrol the problem zones for prevention of the offence. It must be said that the recent performance of Hare Street police station in this regard is praiseworthy.

Name and address withheld

The rising number of eve-tease cases has become a great concern for parents and social thinkers. Already, deployment of plainclothes policewomen in city bus stops have yielded results as young eve-teasers have been arrested. Along with mobile police vigil, the plainclothes policewomen will easily trap the rogues.

Sudipa Datta Chowdhury,
Dum Dum Park.

The move will check eve-teasing only to a certain extent. If the plainclothes women are deployed in a specific area for long, the offenders will be on the alert and will change their target zones. What is more important is creating awareness among people, who should learn to protest whenever they find women being harassed. The victims must also learn to raise their voices and fight back.

Madhusree Gupta,
Anil Roy Road.

It is very sad to think that the streets of our city need policewomen in plainclothes to check eve-teasers. Calcutta was once known as one of the most safest cities in India. But with the crime graph soaring steadily, with incidents of eve-teasing and murder, we have been robbed of our glory. Todayís eve-tease is extremely daring and seems to be scared of nothing, except the police. Plainclothes policewomen will be able to trap them on the spot.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

Eve-teasing has become a serious problem in Calcutta. Young women cannot walk freely on the streets anymore. Even when accompanied by her mother or husband, a woman is not spared. Deployment of plainclothes policewomen will definitely yield positive results. Often, ruffians commit a crime in front of cops and run away in a split second, while passersby donít even have the courage to protest or chase the offender for fear of retaliation. Sergeant Bapi Sen rarely has a parallel in our society. Plainclothes policemen have been successful in arresting eve-teasers before. The situation can be handled more effectively if their female counterparts are involved in this as well.

Subhasish Majumdar,

Eve-teasing is a social crime and saving ourselves from the clutches of these criminals is not an easy task. Eve-teasers, sauntering on the streets, will not hurl abuses at women in front of policemen in uniform. From that viewpoint, deployment of plainclothes women is justified. But the authorities will have to ensure the safety of the policewomen, too.

Gopal Agarwal,

Harassment of women on the roads is increasing at an alarming rate. Youths who are aimless and unemployed are usually the culprits. The situation can be avoided if stern action is taken against those caught red-handed. In this case, policewomen in plainclothes can be made the bait. It is also important for policewomen to do their job impartially and punish all wrong-doers equally. If they are smart enough, they can even mix with the ruffians and bust eve-teasing rackets. Every cop, whether male or female, must look up to sergeant Bapi Sen as their role model.

Lalita Agarwal,
Bagmari Lane.

Eve-teasing is one of the many problems faced by women on the streets of Calcutta. Policemen in uniform always deter roadside Romeos from indulging in eve-teasing. To catch them red-handed, it is necessary to deploy plainclothes policewomen. Exemplary punishment should be given to them, so that all ruffians think twice before doing so.

Anindita Choudhury,
Address not given.

Deployment of plainclothes policewomen in areas prone to eve-teasing is a welcome move. But these policewomen have to be well-equipped to handle such crude youths. The women cops must be trained in martial arts and other types of combat techniques.

Michelle Mendes,
Marquis Lane.

I donít think deploying plainclothes policewomen on the streets is a wise idea. When a policeman is not safe on the road, what will women do! Take, for instance, the circumstances that led to the death of sergeant Bapi Sen. Moreover, does the police department has enough manpower to spare some on the streets, because cops need to be deployed on all roads, lanes and bylanes. After all, eve-teasing occurs in every nook and corner, and not just in one particular major street.

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