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Pentagon knew of museum risk
In the months leading up to the Iraq war, US scholars repeatedly urged the defence department to protect Iraq?s priceless archaeological heritage from looters, and warned specifically that the National Museum of Antiquities was the single most important site in the country. ...  | Read.. 
America?s plans face early test in Nasiriyah
Plans for a US-led administration of post-war Iraq face an early test tomorrow when US officials and divided and distrustful Iraqi factions meet in the southern city of Nasir ...  | Read.. 
Pak returns to Bush moral-values lecture
Pakistan, a key US ally in the war on terror, said today American policies were polarising the world between Muslims and non-Muslims, and creating a highly charged and potent ...  | Read.. 
Disease not in control: HK
Hong Kong?s leader said SARS has not yet been brought under control, as the mystery virus that has been dubbed the ?21st century disease? claimed more victims and took a mou ...  | Read.. 
Looter locked: A looter, caught inside a bank by US soldiers, is taken away in Baghdad on Sunday. (AFP)
US twists Syria
Mounting US warnings to Syria over chemical weapons and aid to Iraq are aimed chiefly at pressuring..  | Read.. 
US forces storm Tikrit in last military assault
US Marines backed by tanks stormed into Saddam Hussein?s final stronghold today, seizing control of..  | Read.. 
Death for two in Pak bombing
A Pakistan anti-terrorism court convicted four men today of ...  | Read.. 

Trophy trove for Marines
Staff Sergeant Nathan Braswell hopes a flag he found in a ...  | Read..