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Hospital head clerk held for surgeon death

April 13: Sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today swooped down on a house in Ranaghat and arrested the head clerk of the sub-divisional hospital there, Sunil Ganguly, on charges of being involved in the murder of Chandan Sen, a doctor in the hospital.

CID sources said they had detained Namita Ghosh, a guest at the last dinner party attended by Sen, yesterday night.

The doctor, who had allegedly tested the Dhantola rape victims, was found dead in a pond outside the head clerk’s house following the dinner party he had thrown on February 26.

“Ghosh gave vital clues about Ganguly’s hideout in Ranaghat. The sleuths raided the house this morning and arrested him,’’ said deputy superintendent of police, CID, Raj Kanojia.

The police said Ganguly had fled to Jamshedpur after Sen was found dead. He returned to the town a couple of days ago but not to his home. From his shelter, he had contacted Ghosh for an update on the progress of the investigations.

CID officials said apart from Sen, the general surgeon in the hospital, the general duty attendant of the ENT department, Subharanjan Khara, his wife Arundhuti, a doctor working in Kalyani, Apurba Sanyal, a social welfare officer, and his friend Ghosh, Ganguly’s son Gautam and two of his teachers were among those present at the dinner.

The police had earlier arrested the Kharas and Gautam. Both the CID and the local police were hot on Ganguly’s trail.

The CID officers confirmed that Ghosh had told them that the Kharas and Ganguly had picked up a fight with Sen after downing a few pegs of liquor.

“She has mentioned that there was a bitter argument between Sen and the Kharas and Ganguly at the dinner. Thereafter, they followed Sen when he left the room and went outside. A little while later, his body was found from the adjoining pond,’’ additional director-general of police, CID, R.K. Mohanty said.

Senior CID officers said Ghosh is an “important witness in the case and her statement would be crucial during the trial in court’’.

The police said Ghosh also told the investigators that the Gangulys would host lavish parties at frequent intervals in their house. Sen and the Kharas were regular invitees at these parties.

Ghosh also hinted to the investigating officers that she had overheard conversations between the Kharas and Ganguly about some “financial transaction and irregularities’’.

The CID officers pointed out that initial investigation reports had said the motive behind the murder seemed to be a “rivalry over some financial dispute”. But the officers were reluctant to come up with more details for the “sake of investigations”.

Ganguly would be produced in court and brought to the CID headquarters in Calcutta this week.

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