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Left unity sermon

Calcutta, April 11: CPM state secretary Anil Biswas today held local leaders of Left Front constituents responsible for the lack of unity among its partners over the sharing of seats for the May 11 panchayat elections.

“I agree that our party will have to play a greater role in forging unity among the Front and, for that purpose, we have to sacrifice some seats for our partners,” Biswas said.

“We have not fielded candidates in many seats that belonged to our party during the 1998 panchayat polls and have instead given them to our partners. But many local leaders of a number of Left Front constituents are not following the policy we have laid down while nominating candidates for the rural polls and are making unjustified demands,” he alleged.

As a result, the process of forging unity is being hampered, the CPM leader said. He recalled that several Front constituents had to fight one another in about 4,000 seats during the 1998 panchayat polls, as they had failed to arrive at an unanimous decision over those seats.

Asked for the names of those who were playing spoilsport, Biswas said: “I will tell you later who these leaders are.”

The CPM leader scoffed at the remarks by some of Front leaders that they were demanding more seats this time because they had increased their organisational strength over the past five years.

“Do you mean that the strength of our party has reduced over the last five years'” the CPM leader asked. “One should realise that the Left Front will not be strengthened by weakening the CPM,” Biswas added.

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