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Tanks & thieves rule Baghdad
Jubilant Iraqis tied a noose around a huge statue of Saddam Hussein in the heart of Baghdad and pelted it with shoes today as the Iraqi Presidentís 24-year rule collapsed in chaos. ...  | Read.. 
Tharoor pours cold water on USí post-Iraq euphoria
Shashi Tharoor, the Calcutta-educated under-secretary general of the UN, has said a US-led administration in Iraq would have serious problems in selling that countryís oi ...  | Read.. 
American Dream spills blood
Forget life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, says the widow of al Jazeera journalist Tarek Ayub who died in a US air raid on Baghdad. For her, the American Dream has brough ...  | Read.. 
Answers sought
News organisations demanded answers from the US yesterday after US fire killed three journalists in Baghdad. ...  | Read.. 
Under-secretary general of the UN Shashi Tharoor
23 Indian contracts on UN list
Chirac appeal
Iran attack ire
Freedom, to taste fruits of handouts
In Safwan, aid convoys spark riots. In Basra, looters run amok in the wake of British armoured vehi..  | Read.. 
Wounded boy captures horror of conflict
From Hiroshima to Vietnam, pictures of horrifically injured children have long formed the starkest ..  | Read.. 
Nepal protests go awry
In a scene all too familiar to Nepalís recent history, ...  | Read.. 

US mistake kills 11 Afghans
The US military said 11 Afghan c ivilians, seven of them wo ...  | Read.. 

Malay ban on China tourists
Malaysia took the draconian step of banning all tourists fr ...  | Read.. 

White House not jumping with joy
The White House called scenes of joyful Iraqis welcoming US ...  | Read.. 

Crack! There goes the bluster
It had all seemed so easy. ...  | Read.. 

Survivor Saddam remains elusive
Saddam Hussein remained elusive to the last. ...  | Read.. 

Saddam home in Americaís sights
The US military said today it expected any fighting for Ira ...  | Read.. 

Rajya Sabha seal on war protest
The Vajpayee government, which persistently refused to ...  | Read.. 

After 15 years, no joy or sorrow, only tears
Tears streamed down Fakhradeen Saleem's face today as h ...  | Read..