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Bait to bell the cat-callers

Arunava Bose Chowdhury,

The operation, if undertaken honestly and strictly, will help in curbing the tease terror to some extent. However, to make the operation more successful, plainclothes policewomen, instead of being only on important roads, should keep vigil in each and every pocket of the city so that Romeos find no safe place in making obscene gestures or passing lewd remarks. Besides, the drive should be carried out not for a month or two but for a longer period. x

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh,

Women who are gorgeously dressed or college girls who are scantily clad generally become victims of teasing. Offensive remarks or lewd comments are hurled at them. Eve-teasing is a social nuisance. Though it is a penal offence, the government has not taken adequate action against it. Posting a few female constables in plain clothes (to be teased by male constables) is not at all a solution. Even if some eve-teasers are caught, this is not the remedy. Only psychological counselling can curb the menace.

Atri Bose,
Salt Lake.

The growing incidence of eve-teasing is alarming. Teenagers to middle-aged housewives fall victims to eve-teasers who hail from all spheres of life. The administration must play an active role to curb this menace. Exemplary punishment should be given to strike fear in their hearts. For this purpose, plainclothes policewomen can play an effective role. They can be used as trap as eve-teasers wonít be able to differentiate them from ordinary women. The offenders can then be caught red-handed.

Sushma Jalan,

No woman is safe on the streets of Calcutta any more. Deployment of plainclothes policewomen will certainly help curb eve-teasing on city streets. Calcutta is fast becoming a favourite haunt for road Romeos out to have a good time by harassing unaccompanied women. If plainclothes policewomen are planted as targets for these hooligans, some of them will certainly be picked up. Moreover, being part of the force, these ladies are certainly trained to handle such people and therefore can take care of their own safety. Even if only a handful of such people are rounded up, the others will learn a lesson as well.

Abul Fateh Kamruddin,

I donít think so. If plainclothes police could stop eve-teasing sergeant Bapi Senís brutal murder would not have taken place. Does the police commissioner know what business goes on on the Maidan near the Calcutta Police Sports Club' Callgirls carry on business under the very noses of police officials.

Uday Majumdar,
Salt Lake City.

If eve-teasing is on the rise, it is because most eve-teasers come from affluent families. So, they do not care for either the police or the public. Also, if they are arrested, they can easily walk out on bail from police or court custody due to the weak cases filed against them. Therefore, policemen by themselves cannot stop eve-teasing. They need help of policewomen, who can be made to wait at bus stops or in front of cinema halls. Plainclothes policemen must be close by to make an arrest if their colleague is teased.

Ujjal Bhattacharyya,

Eve-teasing seems to be on the rise. At times it takes extremely serious turns. Deployment of plainclothes police women should help in catching eve-teasers red-handed, thus curbing this menace on city streets. Moreover, this will create a sense of panic in eve-teasers for the sheer fear of the extreme consequences that they have to face, harassing the wrong person.

Diptimoy Ghosh,
Salt Lake City.

No doubt, if such an effort was made (to deploy the plainclothes policemen), the number of eve-teasing cases is sure to come down.

Samir Chandra Saha,

Eve-teasers often blend into the crowd so easily that it is difficult to identify them. They become alert on finding cops in uniform. As a result, teasing cannot be controlled. So deployment of plainclothes policemen will definitely help curb eve-teasing.

Gunjeet Wadhwa,
Rai Bahadur Road.

The deployment of plainclothes policewomen will surely help curb eve-teasing on city streets. To date, it has borne fruitful results. The lumpens have to be taught to respect the modesty of women and deploying plainclothes policewomen is an ideal solution for this. But the women should be properly and perfectly trained to handle such vile men, so that they can save themselves if the situation so demands.

Neera Fogla,
Upper Chitpur Road.

Yes. Women are mostly teased by young boys at busy places like near shopping complexes, colleges and cinema halls. If plainclothes policewomen are deployed in such places, then the teasers will be caught and taught a lesson in public. That will help the cause.

Rhitam Basak,
Beadon Street.

Most police personnel are known for corruption, and policewomen are no exception. Unless police personnel are sincere in their duty, no amount of vigil in plain clothes will stop eve-teasing as eve-teasers escape by oiling palms of lawmen.

Debashish Chakraborty,

Definitely yes. As some men are accustomed to teasing women anywhere they can, they will do so at the sight of women, even if they are cops in plain clothes. As a result, they can be caught red-handed and thereafter brought to book according to law. In this connection, plainclothes policewomen need to be deployed to curb eve-teasing on city streets merely with a view to protecting the dignity of mothers and sisters of our country.

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