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Iraq lifts ban on Jazeera

Doha, April 5 (Reuters): Correspondents for Qatar-based al Jazeera satellite television resumed reporting from Iraq yesterday after Baghdad lifted bans on two of its journalists.

ďAl Jazeera welcomes the move by the Iraqi information ministry to reverse its decision and immediately relaunches the activity of its correspondents in Baghdad, Basra and Mosul,Ē the Arabic-language channel said.

Jazeera, which has been criticised by the US and Britain for its allegedly pro-Iraq war coverage, said on Thursday Iraq had ordered one of its reporters to leave the country and told another to stop working.

The Iraqi authorities gave no reason for the decision.

Jazeera had responded by telling all its eight correspondents in Iraq to stop reporting but continued to broadcast live and taped events, including news conferences by Iraqi officials and air strikes on Iraqi cities.

US television network CNNís reporters were expelled from Baghdad a day after the start of the US-led war on March 20.

Jazeera, which is widely watched in the Arab world, is the only international network with reporters in the northern city of Mosul and the Iraqi-held part of the southern city of Basra.

It has been criticised by the US and Britain for airing pictures of slain US and British troops.

But many Arab viewers regard its Iraq war coverage as more comprehensive and balanced than Western media reports.

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