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Jemima ashamed to be British

London, April 2: Jemima Khan launched a withering attack on the war today, speaking of her “rage and shame” at Britain’s involvement.

Mrs Khan, the wife of Pakistan’s former cricket captain Imran Khan, accused Tony Blair and George W Bush of double standards in their attitude towards Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

She also claimed that the conflict in Iraq would perpetuate enmity between the two sides.

“As a dual national of Pakistan and Britain, it is the loss of British credibility in the eyes of the world that I find hardest to stomach,” she wrote in a newspaper column.

“Why has Blair chosen to overlook, and in some cases propagate, the lies, misinformation, and discredited evidence used by the US to justify this indefensible war' Why does Blair perpetuate Bush’s mendacious claim that Iraq ‘has aided, trained and harboured terrorists, including operatives of al-Qaida'”

In the column, Mrs Khan, the daughter of the late Sir James Goldsmith, also asked: “Why the pretence of ‘making the world a safer place’ when we all know an unjust war will incite such hatred that new recruits will be queueing up to join al-Qaida'”

The 29-year-old went on to question the leeway afforded to Israel over UN resolutions, compared to the hardline stance taken on Iraq.

“In short, why the double standards, moral hypocrisy and political expediency'” she wrote in The Independent.

“The only thing that tempers my own rage and shame is the knowledge that there are millions like me who oppose war in Iraq not because they are Muslims or pacifists or appeasers or anti-West, but simply because they remain utterly unconvinced by the arguments put forward for war.”

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