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Positive Lives

This is a unique international project that photographs and documents the social and emotional impact of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, illuminating positive human responses to this world crisis. As a collection of images and text, this exhibition focuses on personal stories of those at the heart of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It offers extraordinary insights into the lives of individuals, families and communities who are affected by the deadly disease, reflecting the issues and emotions which confront them in the daily reality of living or working with the disease. By sharing these stories, we can all face the challenges, myths and prejudices surrounding HIV/AIDS and understand how the human spirit has found expression in the form of positive response. Positive Lives seeks to use the power of photography and personal testimonies to communicate the human story behind this terrible epidemic. Well-known photographers have been involved with the project and the present exhibition showcases some of their works.

When: Till April 6; 1 pm - 8 pm

Where: Asutosh Birth Centenary Hall,

Indian Museum

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