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Boycott band takes on US
Uncle Sam is persona non grata. Coke is off diet, so is Pepsi. Jeans — once a symbol of protest — is now under fire. And the guns are trained on the more innocuous tea (Georgia and Lipton), banks (HSBC, Standard Chartered and Grindlays) a...  | Read.. 
Caught between cadre and cash
Into its second week, the US invasion of Iraq appears to be cramping the Left’s style in Bengal. ...  | Read.. 
On-the-run Dhantola kingpin trapped
Cheema Sardar, the leader of the gang behind the Dhantola rape-and-loot incident, was traced to a village in North 24-Pargan ...  | Read.. 
Teen raped in Malda
A teenage widow living with her impoverished parents in a village was gangraped in yet another assault on women in the s ...  | Read.. 
Rape welds rivals against CPM
Opposition party activists here have united to demand the arrest of the Bandwan gram panchayat sabhapati, a CPM leader a ...  | Read.. 
A smashed mannequin in the Nike showroom in Calcutta that was vandalised by anti-war protesters. Picture by Amit Datta