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The awful and ugly face of conflict
On a cold, concrete slab, a mosque caretaker washed the body of 14-year-old Arkan Daif for the last time. ...  | Read.. 
Pentagon’s embedded honeymoon sours
The deluge of gritty, violent images rolling into American living rooms from the battlefields of Iraq has begun to spark regret among Pentagon leaders about the unprecede ...  | Read.. 
Airborne virus threat in HK
Almost 100 people in one Hong Kong apartment block were reported infected by a deadly pneumonia virus today, raising fears that the disease was being spread through the air o ...  | Read.. 
Artillery joins Baghdad battle
US forces battled Republican Guards on the southern approaches to Baghdad today and colossal air strikes pounded the Iraqi capital, ratcheting up the pressure on President Sa ...  | Read.. 
Revolution Command Council member Ali Hassan al-Majid, who belongs to Saddam Hussein’s inner circle and is nicknamed Chemical Ali. (AFP)
Gladiator defiance
Canine blues
Cook article opens up UK fault lines
No prisoners are being taken — in the political war in Britain...  | Read.. 
If the hero of 1991 brings bad news, sack him
American television network NBC said today it had fired veteran reporter Peter Arnett after he told..  | Read.. 
Delhi moves away from middle path
India has indirectly said “truth” is not with the Ameri ...  | Read.. 

Roar today, red face tomorrow
Almost every day, Britain and the US have rowed back from t ...  | Read.. 

Arms haul
British troops have discovered a huge cache of munitions in ...  | Read.. 

Good news for parched south
British troops began pumping water to thirsty southern Ira ...  | Read.. 

Finally, the magic words but no Chemical Ali
Hundreds of Iraqis shouting “Welcome to Iraq” greeted US Ma ...  | Read.. 

14 killed in Pak tribal violence
Armed men in southern Pakistan killed at least 14 people, i ...  | Read.. 

New Vatican glossary irks gays
A controversial new Vatican glossary of sexual terms says h ...  | Read.. 

Syria next on Bush hitlist, says Assad
Sharp US warnings to Syria to abandon its support for Iraq ...  | Read..