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Jaaraa Brishtite Bhijechhilo

This is the tale of a very ordinary girl from a middle-class family. Everything about her and her background is very ordinary. And like any other girl of her background, she is married into another middle-class family. There is absolutely nothing — no aspirations or achievement — to light up her otherwise mundane existence. Her upbringing has ensured that she suppresses all her feelings and instincts. Like a beast of burden she works mutely, tirelessly, without complaining, without protesting and without questioning. She has a companion though — a huge ancient tree overlooking her balcony and terrace. She talks to the tree whenever she manages to snatch a few moments from her household chores. Sometimes, to smoothen her frayed nerves, like a lullaby she hums a long-forgotten song heard in her childhood. When overpowered by emotions, she rushes to the bathroom — her only refuge. The ancient tree, the tiny balcony and the empty terrace are her private world. But one day, her placid world is turned topsy-turvy as a storm breaks out. Her predictable existence goes haywire in this turmoil. And then, after the fury, torrential rain descends, drenching and cleaning all her past. Based on Jai Goswami’s verse, this Gandhar production is directed by Goutam Halder and enacted solo by Bijaylakshmi Barman.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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