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‘ was, apparently, the students’ absence from Sunday’s rally that led to the situation’
North Calcutta school official, on students being barred from tests

Kids skip peace rally, barred from class test
their failure to join the Left-sponsored anti-war mahamichhil on Sunday. The school is situated next to Sailendra Sarkar Vidyalaya, chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s alma mater in Telinipara Lane, Shyampukur....  | Read.. 
Airport muddle over mosque
One place of worship sits smack in the middle of the airport but cannot be touched. Another is located outside the boundary b...  | Read.. 
Benefit of doubt acquits doctors
Alipore sub-divisional judicial magistrate Sunil Kumar Dam on Monday cited “benefit of doubt” to acquit four city doctors on ...  | Read.. 
Youth held for teasing in Salt Lake
An under-graduate, the son of a senior state government employee, was arrested in Salt Lake on Monday on the charge of teasin...  | Read.. 
April, and it’s time for chop and change of channels
NDTV’s Star News bid loyalists farewell late on Sunday and viewers woke up to Star News’ non-NDTV Hindi avatar on Monday morn ...  | Read.. 
DAY OF DISCORD : The last day of March was marked by downed shutters and damaged buses, a range of rallies and sporadic traffic snarls. Here's what Monday held in store for Calcuttans:...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Roads to avoid
Jaaraa Brishtite Bhijechhilo
This is the tale of a very ordinary girl from a mi...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
It’s hard to ignore your presence. You enjoy showing off your possessions. Friends like your ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Foursome on two wheels...  | Read.. 
Sunset yellow and soap suds in your milk
“Whether our cricket team can bring home the cup or not, our mosquitoes are...  | Read.. 

Best of IT, B-school basics in JU’s new course
To blend “the best of IT education with the basics of management principles...  | Read.. 

Coffee, tea and art for money mart
Think of a wood-lined and parquet-floored space on Park Street opposite the...  | Read.. 

The right site promotes Net gains
The Internet was Greek and the computer a conundrum to most of them. Leslie...  | Read.. 

Man charged with murder dupes escorts to walk free
The police on Monday launched a hunt for a man charged with murder, who esc...  | Read.. 

Parsis in debate over switch to cremate
In Mumbai, a ban by high priests on mixed marriages has left Parsis worried...  | Read.. 

Station of horrors at Howrah
The Howrah division of Eastern Railway, once reputed for its operational ef...  | Read.. 

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New chief whip
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