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War hot, Liz in Mumbai hotter
- Visit to family of new love edges out military news in British tabloid

London, March 29: War is war and all British newspapers have cut back severely on non-military news. But two stories that just had to be given space — and quite a lot, actually — are, first, Liz Hurley’s visit to Mumbai, and, second, Mrs Major’s alleged marital indiscretions.

What does the former mean' Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph had no doubt: “Hurley goes to India to meet her prospective in-laws.”

The paper spoke to people in the Hurley camp and came to the opinion that “she seems to be settling down properly for the first time post-Hugh Grant”.

Arun Nayar, described by The Daily Telegraph as “a half-Indian, half-German playboy” — this description is not meant to be flattering — sounded grumpy when he told the paper about Hurley’s visit to Bombay (The Daily Telegraph has yet to hear of that strange place called Mumbai): “Elizabeth was here but she has left.”

Twenty-four hours late, the mass-circulation Sun has got in on the act today and given the story most of a page, accompanied by a picture of Hurley and Nayar, taken on a recent skiing holiday. The couple look, well, sort of close.

Headlined, “Liz’s Indian Takeaway: Lover flies her to meet parents in Bombay”, the report tells Sun readers: “Liz Hurley has jetted to India to meet the parents of her new love Arun Nayar. The actress and son Damian spent a week in Bombay getting to know the millionaire businessman’s family.” The papers adds: “Pals say Estee Lauder model Liz is desperate to make an impression on his mum and dad.”

The Sun points out that the complication is that Nayar is still married to Italian model, Valentina Pedroni, but one pal has been quoted as telling the Sun that “she is very serious about Arun and was ready to spend time with his family. Their relationship is going from strength to strength and Liz is head over heels about him”.

Nayar, who broke an arm and a leg during the skiing holiday — this is good practice because he may discover it costs him an arm and leg to keep Hurley in the style to which she is accustomed — was quoted as saying: “It’s very unfortunate the kind of attention a private matter has attracted.”

The Hurley-Nayar is not the only romance gripping the imagination of the nation. It has now been disclosed that well-known model and actress, Emma Noble, has allegedly been two-timing her husband, James Major, and been having an affair with the actor, Graham McGrath.

The latter plays Noble’s husband in Crossroads, a TV soap set in a British country hotel.

One man who cannot tell Noble off for behaving badly is her father-in-law, John Major. The former Prime Minister was greatly embarrassed last year when a former Tory Cabinet minister, Edwina Currie, revealed in her diaries that they had been involved in a four-year affair.

The Mirror has been keeping a watch on Noble and McGrath and noting their comings and goings. Noble, a 31-year-old former topless model, arrived at McGrath’s flat at 5pm and was not seen to leave until 9am the following morning.

It is known what the reporter did for 16 hours.

Noble married John Major's son in June, 1999, in the crypt of the House of Commons. The poor man is now fitted with a pacemaker for his heart.

Both Noble and McGrath have denied they are having an affair, but pursued by the Mirror, McGrath made damning admission: "I have no comment to make."

This story is not of much political significance except it will draw attention back to John Major, who has said that the affair with Currie was the thing he most regretted in his life. Major remains married to his wife, Norma.

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