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Market menace to hygiene

PARASH DUTTA, Trinamul Congress MLA from Behala (East), met residents of the area at 40, Jyotish Roy Road last week to answer their queries. Participants included Sumita Chowdhury, Prabir Pal, Gouri Roy, Biman Chakraborty, Tarak Singh, Sudama Thakur, Tapan Aich, Rabi Roy, Ramesh Prasad, Samar Kumar Das, Tanima Biswas and Kartik Mondal

Rabi Roy: The market at the crossing of Rai Bahadur Road and B.L. Saha Road is a traffic hazard. The vendors sit on the road, and neither vehicle nor pedestrian can pass.When it rains, the area is filthy.

I shall take up the matter with the local councillor. I want that every area be kept neat and clean as far as possible for the sake of general health and hygiene.

Sudama Thakur: A large number of the area’s residents speak Hindi. But there is no school for their children. A trust had been set up for a Hindi-medium school. It donated a 13-cottah plot and a former MLA was put on the governing body. What happened to the school'

Since I am not a member of the trust, it is not possible for me to comment on the status of the school. However, if I am approached for help to set up the school, I will take up the matter with great zeal.

LOGGED ON: Computer classes in progress at Sahapur Girls’ High School. Pictures by Kishor Roy Chowdhury

Tapan Aich: In the Sahapur area, we have a primary school — Sishu Sikshalaya — that is in a deplorable condition, although it had been set up many years ago. We want to upgrade it to the Class VIII level, but that requires a lot of funds. Can you help'

Every effort should be made to ensure a proper education for children. Regarding the upgrade of this school, if you furnish me with a plan, I shall see what can be done.

Ramesh Prasad: We live in Sahebmahal. We have a primary school with about 40 students on the rolls but only two teachers. Of late, the building has become a haunt of goons. They are disturbing the peace.

If you submit a memorandum to me, I can take up the matter with the education department.

Ramesh Prasad: Our supply of drinking water is very poor.

I shall have a deep tubewell sunk within a short period.

Ramesh Prasad: We have a park in name only. In monsoon, it turns into a pool. Can it not be developed'

I am aware of the condition of the park. I have already talked to the mayoral council member in charge of parks so that it can be developed.

Samar Kumar Das: I live on Canal Road. The streetlights are insufficient and the darkness is a boon for petty criminals.

I shall take up the matter with the mayoral council member concerned. I’ll also ask the South 24-Parganas superintendent of police to check criminal activities in the area.

Samar Kumar Das: Canal Road is dotted with country liquor shops. School-going children and women feel insecure. The local police outpost is very close to the shops, but the officers are insensitive to the problem.

The country liquor shops in the area are quite old. This mushrooming could have been curbed if the local police had been active. I shall sit with the police superintendent to seek a solution to the matter.

Kartik Mondal: I live in Indira Pally. Here, drug-peddling is quite rampant. The local police conduct raids off and on, but that’s only an eyewash.

Actually, drugs are destroying the entire society. It is not a problem exclusive to your locality. To check the menace, every resident of the area should come forward and launch a sustained campaign. The police cannot solve the problem alone.


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