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Changing face of the city

Calcutta is a fairly ancient city. Although only a little more than three centuries old, this city has been a mute witness to the many upheavals — both social and political —that have rocked its very foundation. The volatile nature of the city has been instrumental in determining its destiny and it has enjoyed both extreme attention and utmost neglect. Some have eulogised this ‘City of Joy’ and others have referred to it as a ‘Dying City.’ All said and done, it is a city of dichotomies. Hendrik Wittkopf is a London-based artist who is in town with his recent works. This series of paintings focuses on Calcutta’s changing cityscape. Painstakingly tracing the transformation of the local characteristics of the city during the course of several visits to Calcutta throughout the last decade, Wittkopf explores painting as a means to interrogate changes in public places. Wittkopf had earlier conducted two workshops here in collaboration with Max-Mueller Bhavan. He had also held solo exhibitions in the city before.

When: Till April 4; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Max Mueller Bhavan, 8 Ballygunge Circular Road

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