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Letters to Editor

Through the film, brightly

Sir — If Mayavati is indeed the prettiest face M.F. Husain has seen after Madhuri Dixit, then why are filmmakers from Mumbai scouting for actresses to play her (“Filmmakers line up for Maya memsaab”, March 18)' Surely, no one can play Mayavati better than Mayavati herself' There is also a precedent in Laloo Prasad Yadav playing himself in the biopic, Gurdari ka Lal. While Maya Madam and Sacrifice Lady are not terribly original as titles go, getting the Uttar Pradesh chief minister to play the title role would have amply made up for that. Will Mayavati have to gift real estate to the producers for this one too'

Yours faithfully,
A.N. Basu, Calcutta

Small is beautiful

Sir — I have always wondered why the minnows are invited to play in the world cups to virtually kill the enjoyment of the viewers. They are badly thrashed by the established teams and only serve to gift points to the latter and help them create new world records. Moreover, why are they remembered only before the world cups' What has the International Cricket Council done to develop cricket in, say, Holland or Namibia'

An argument in favour of including these teams is that world cups give them a chance to compete in a larger arena and gain experience. But is that really true' Being beaten by huge margins surely lowers their levels of confidence progressively. The ICC must concentrate on improving cricket infrastructure in the non-test playing countries rather than making a laughing stock of them every four years.

Yours faithfully,
Kunal Sharma, Liluah

Sir — Kenya’s performance in this World Cup has silenced all those who have been cribbing about the inclusion of the non-test playing nations in the tournament. They managed to reach the semi-finals, a feat which eluded pre-tournament favourites like South Africa and Pakistan.

And yet, they are getting a raw deal in the end. While Bangladesh, in spite of their miserable performance, is going home with a hefty nine million dollars, Kenya is deprived of this amount simply because it has not received test status yet. Shouldn’t the ICC acknowledge Kenya’s efforts with some kind of monetary gift'

Yours faithfully,
Shubhra Gupta, Calcutta

Sir — Kenya has done very well in the ongoing World Cup. Without belittling their achievement, it must be said that Kenya and Zimbabwe gained four points each without expending any effort because New Zealand and England, respectively, forfeited matches against them.

Although Kenya defeated Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in their group matches, their passage to the Super Six would have been jeopardized if New Zealand had beaten them. Kenya’s success in the World Cup, therefore, must not be made too much of. We should wait for them to prove their mettle in a few more tournaments.

Yours faithfully,
Subarna Guha, Calcutta

Club class

Sir — In the article, “Tomorrow nestled in nature” (March 7), reference is made to the Outram Club: “The club, once the exclusive preserve of the whites, has turned into a seedy watering hole.”

It is indeed very unfortunate that the writer, for reasons best known to him, has made this uncalled for and highly objectionable remark, by which he has not only tarnished the image of our club, but has also deeply hurt the sentiments of all the club members and their families who have expressed their deep sense of anguish and insult at this remark.

It may not be out of place to mention here that Outram Club is a very exclusive club of Calcutta, whose members belong to the elite of the city. Our club can boast of tennis courts, a billiard room and also of various social and cultural activities throughout the year, of which all the members and their families are proud.

The management committee of the club at its meeting has unanimously passed a resolution condemning the remark in the article. This letter is to register our protest and set the record straight.

Yours faithfully,
Dipak Bose, honorary secretary, Outram Club, Calcutta

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