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Bush goes for the kill
“The early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq,” as President George W. Bush called it, is focusing on finding and killing Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Monica to host reality show
Monica Lewinsky, whose affair with then-President Bill Clinton nearly cost him the Oval Office, will soon be hosting a reality show for Fox network, the Daily Variety ...  | Read.. 
US reminder to Afghan rebels
Hundreds of US troops backed by helicopters launched a major operation in southern Afghanistan today in an apparent signal to Afghan rebels the US army would not be distracte ...  | Read.. 
Party rolls with war machine
A group of wealthy Kuwaitis celebrated what they hope will be Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s downfall by partying through the night at a farm on the Iraqi border. ...  | Read.. 
A Tomahawk Land Attack Missile is launched from the USS Bunker Hill on Thursday. (Reuters)
Explosions shatter quiet in ghost-town Baghdad
At 5:34 am the explosion thundered over a city still sleeping. It caught Baghdad’s defenders by..  | Read.. 
Hi-tech strikes with TV coverage
The second war in the 21st century began the way wars are expected to begin in this age of high tec..  | Read..