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Zia should quit: Imran

Islamabad: Imran Khan has joined the relentless blame-game in Pakistan cricket saying PCB chief Tauqir Zia should quit to make way for someone who had “guts” and Wasim Akram should take over the reins as skipper from Waqar Younis on short-term basis.

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The former captain also hinted that he was not averse to taking up the job of PCB chief but stressed that any decision would not be easy.

“I have not given a thought to it (the job). It is not easy for me to take a decision — to decide that I can just go and take over,” Imran was quoted as saying in The News.

“As a matter of fact I am in the opposition and I do not see any offer forthcoming,” Imran said adding he did not want to take any “favour” from the government.

Imran said the PCB needed an immediate overhaul, especially after the team’s Cup debacle.

“In my opinion the essential thing is, the PCB should be run by a person who either has guts to deal with the vested interests or have the understanding to bring about institutional changes. The present board has neither the guts to take on the vested interests or the understanding of developing the country’s first-class cricket,” he said.

Imran firmly believed the “regressive” domestic cricket structure coupled with “lifeless wickets” was killing the talent.

“Unless he (Zia) is prepared to make drastic changes to his strategy, this team is going to go down further because they do not have replacements in the shadow,” Imran said.

He also dismissed the three member inquiry committee appointed by PCB as “irrelevant” and said “absolutely nothing” would come out of it.

“The solution (to be put forward by the committee) will be like treating cancer with a disprin. They will find some minor things but the big question is that Pakistan cricket is on the decline,” he said. (PTI)

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