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The signatories agree that prohibited substances, prohibited methods, health and safety substances and other substances to be detected in doping control shall be identified as provided below:

The World Anti-Doping Agency shall...annually publish the prohibited list as an international standard. The prohibited list shall include a doping control category and a health and safety category. Revisions to the prohibited list shall be circulated for comment before publication to all signatories. The content of the prohibited list and all revisions shall be provided in writing promptly to each signatory for comment and consultation and shall, unless specified otherwise, automatically go into effect as the prohibited list of each anti-doping organization accepting the code three months after publication of the prohibited list on WADA’s website without requiring any further action by anti-doping organizations accepting the code.

The doping control category of the prohibited list shall identify those prohibited substances and prohibited methods which are prohibited as doping at all times (both in-competition and out-of-competition) and those substances and methods which are prohibited in-competition only. Upon the recommendation of an international federation, the doping control category of the prohibited list may be expanded by WADA for particular sports ... Prohibited substances and prohibited methods may be included in the doping control category of the prohibited list by general category ...or by specific reference to a particular substance or method.

WADA shall consider the following criteria in deciding whether to include a substance or method in the doping control category of the prohibited list:

Reasonable opinion, based on scientific evidence, pharmacological effect, or experience that the substance or method has the potential to enhance sport performance and either:

Reasonable opinion, based on therapeutic use evidence, that the use of the substance or method poses a potential health risk to the athlete; or

Determination that the use of the substance or method violates the spirit of sport described in the introduction to the code.

A reasonable opinion, ...that the substance or method has the potential to mask the use of other prohibited substances and prohibited methods.

WADA’s determination of the prohibited substance and prohibited methods...shall be final and shall not be subject to challenge by an athlete or other person on the basis that the substance or method was not a masking agent or did not have the potential to enhance performance, pose a risk of harm, or violate the spirit of sport.

WADA shall adopt standards for the process of gran- ting therapeutic use exemptions.

Each international federation shall ensure that a process is in place whereby athletes with documented medical conditions requiring the use of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method may request a therapeutic use exemption. Such requests will be evaluated in accordance with the standards adopted by WADA.

WADA shall establish a separate health and safety category on the prohibited list of those health and safety substances that may violate the health and safety rules of the signatories...the health and safety category may be expanded by WADA for particular sports. Laboratories and others authorized by WADA...shall identify health and safety substances in the health and safety category and shall report such substances to the relevant national and international anti-doping organizations including the organization initiating the test. The detected presence of a health and safety substance shall not constitute doping, but may subject the athlete to counselling or discipline in accordance with the rules of relevant national or international anti-doping organizations.

WADA may also test for other substances which are not on the prohibited list, ...The detected presence of these other substances shall be reported by the laboratories to WADA...without identifying specific sample numbers. WADA shall implement measures to ensure that strict anonymity is maintained with respect to such reports.

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