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US tilts scales away from UN towards war
The US said today it might abandon its search for a UN Security Council majority to authorise a looming invasion of Iraq, as its diplomatic efforts suffered new setbacks. ...  | Read.. 
Jiang ally placed in key position
An ally of Chinese President Jiang Zemin was elected chairman of a parliamentary advisory body today, a boon to the retiring leaderís campaign to retain influence from behind ...  | Read.. 
Worldwide pneumonia alert
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a global pneumonia alert after a highly contagious respiratory illness killed one man and infected nearly 60 hospital staff in ...  | Read.. 
War web before birds
The threat of war in Iraq has ornithologists in a flap as millions of birds make their way across the country on their annual spring migration to northern breeding grounds. ...  | Read.. 
A Harris Hawk named Jess, who is on duty to scare away pigeons from government buildings, looks into Downing Street through the ornamental gates of th ...  | Read
Heavenís keys lost
Peace call
Car camp
Laptop luck
Gangster suspects in Serbia
Serbia said today that key gangland suspects behind the murder of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic we..  | Read.. 
Past returns to haunt Polanskiís Oscar hope
Details of rape allegations which caused Roman Polanski to flee Hollywood 26 years ago surfaced in ..  | Read.. 
Scandal-hit UK royal aide quits
Prince Charlesí closest aide resigned today as a controvers ...  | Read.. 

US plans spy flights, N. Korea to test missile
The US air force was preparing to resume spy flights today ...  | Read.. 

Bonds of enduring friendship in water links
When Toufiq Siddiqi talks about building bridges of fri ...  | Read..