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Six conditions for Saddam to avert war
Britain set out six tough new conditions for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to avoid war today, in an attempt to break the UN Security Council stalemate over a resolution to set Baghdad a tight deadline before fighting begins. ...  | Read.. 
Silicon chip for a chunk of brain
Scientists have developed the first artificial region of the brain — a silicon chip that mimics an area that controls memory, mood and awareness. ...  | Read.. 
US, Pak reject Osama capture claim
The Pakistani government denied a claim by a local politician today that al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden had been captured, while the US government also disavowed the report. ...  | Read.. 
China cuts in Stones’ concert
The Chinese government has ordered the Rolling Stones to axe four of their best-known hits from their landmark mainland shows next month, a concert organiser said today. ...  | Read.. 
Actor Tommy Lee Jones (right) and his wife, Dawn, at the premiere of The Hunted in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Spooky CIA
Clothes chip
Costly crime
Roast row
Serbian Premier assassinated
Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, who played a key role in ousting Yugoslav President Slobodan..  | Read.. 
Veil taken off Beatles’ reunion recording
The rumours, it turns out, were true. In 1994, the remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Ha..  | Read.. 
Texas set to carry out 300th execution
Texas plans to carry out its 300th execution tomorrow since ...  | Read.. 

Battle-scarred families and birds return to Jaffna
This year the migratory birds came back to the Jaffna p ...  | Read.. 

Furore over fries
The US Congress picked on the wrong country when it replace ...  | Read..