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Baby Nicole

Beverly Hills, March 11 (AFP): She may be one of the world’s most beautiful women, but superstar Nicole Kidman won’t have a beau at her side at this month’s Oscars ceremony — she’ll take her parents instead.

“I’m pathetic,” the actress joked to reporters yesterday at a luncheon for Academy Award nominees in Beverly Hills after revealing that her date at Hollywood’s hottest event on March 3 would be her mum and dad.

The 35-year-old Australian, who has said she is not dating anyone following her messy divorce from heart-throb Tom Cruise two years ago, prefers to sashay down the red carpet at tinseltown awards shows with family.

The stylish Kidman has appeared at top awards shows — including last year’s Oscars — with her sister Antonia or some of her close pals.

ET honour

Santa Fe, New Mexico (Reuters): A New Mexico legislator proposed having the state honour all extraterrestrial beings with a special day that will “celebrate and honour all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors” to New Mexico. The legislator from Roswell, the spot where some say aliens crashlanded more than 50 years ago, said he introduced the legislation to “enhance relationships among all citizens of the cosmos.”

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