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Camilla comedy

London, March 9 (PTI): A new satirical programme loosely based on the life of British royals will be aired soon on the BBC.

Double Take, created by photographer and video artist Alison Jackson, shows Camilla Parker Bowles as a “drunken party girl” desperate to ingratiate herself with Prince Charles’ children. It is shot in a grainy, slightly unsteady style and is designed to give viewers the impression they are watching snatched extracts of celebrities going about their daily lives. According to a report in the Sunday Times, at one point, a tipsy Parker Bowles is shown offering alcohol and cigarettes to Prince Harry and pleading that she wants to be a friendly mother figure to him.

Afghan Net

Kabul (Reuters): Afghanistan, where the internet was banned during Taliban rule, will formally inaugurate its .af domain for Afghan websites and e-mail addresses on Monday, the United Nations said. Equivalent to a country code for telephone numbers, the .af suffix has now been reserved for private and official e-mail and web users in Afghanistan, the UN Development Programme, which gave legal and technical support to the programme, said in a statement on Sunday.

WWII bomb

Tokyo (AP): About 4,300 people were evacuated and public transportation was suspended temporarily on Sunday in a southern Japanese city as soldiers defused an unexploded world war II US bomb from a lot near a busy train station. The 500-kg bomb, about 1.2 metres long and 45 cm in diameter, was safely defused by a bomb squad from the ground self-defence force, the municipal office of Kagoshima said. Residents who live within 500 meters from the site had to vacate their homes hours earlier today and several trains and buses were cancelled or detoured during the operation.

Buddha idol

Kathmandu (PTI): A 250-feet high statue of the Buddha will be constructed in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, to spread the message of peace and promote tourism in Nepal. “We are planning to construct the highest Buddha statue at Lumbini,” tourism and civil aviation minister Kuber Sharma said. The statue will be between 250 to 300 feet high, said Sharma. The project will be completed within five years, he said, adding that it will come under the Lumbini development master plan.

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