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No flying colours for this airport

The toilets at both domestic and international terminals of the Calcutta airport are not in the best of conditions, with water overflowing from taps and in some cases the basin taps not functioning at all. Moreover, if you ask airport employees for the location of one, the answer is likely to be vague. This is not only the case of toilets. If a person finds a particular private airline’s office closed, and asks for the minimum information from the Indian Airlines office, the answer is not satisfactory. When we pay taxes to maintain these places, can’t we have some expectations' In contrast, when a minister lands, many officers are seen welcoming them with folded hands. It is high time that the civil aviation minister started a performance evaluation scheme. Sumant Poddar, Kyd Street.

Hole story

The water pipes carrying supply from Tala overhead water tank across the city are old. They should be repaired or replaced from time to time to prevent leaks. B.N. Bose, Dum Dum Park.
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