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Four artists, who had their formal training in art from four renowned institutions across the country, have come together to display their works in this show. The artists ó Anandajit Ray (Vadodara), Debnath Basu (Calcutta), Pinaki Barua (Santiniketan) and Walter DíSouza (Ahmedabad), have distinct individual styles and their works are statements of their angst. The terrible carnage in Gujarat in the recent past has left an indelible mark on Barua. His etchings display the procession of nameless despondent people who continue to negotiate violence and terror. Crouching figures, terribly bruised and battered, suffocate in the space they occupy in the canvas, almost entirely. But the victims are defiant and refuse to be subjugated by terror. DíSouza works on varied bases, some etched on tinted glasses, some on aluminium casts. He prefers to do away with the ephemeral. Basuís works are not solely about art. They are about trudging across a pool of history, culture, anecdotes, references and ironies. Rupturing the borders between the real and the fictitious, each image titillates, oscillates between the absurd and reality. Ray casts bronze coins and paints paper notes. Resembling near-medieval relics, the bronze reliefs put on an iconic look, while private and personal obsessions huddle in the mundane details of the notes. The visual labyrinth keeps on growing complex and absurd.

When: Till today: 3 pm - 7 pm

Where: Galerie 88

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