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US lays hands on Sept. 11 mastermind
After a decade on the run, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks was being interrogated by US and Pakistani agents today after what Washington called the biggest catch so far in the war on terror. ...  | Read.. 
Gulf war clouds delay Mad Max shooting
The prospect of war in Iraq has claimed its first Hollywood casualty before a single shot has been fired — Mad Max. ...  | Read.. 
Zils at end of Russian road
Zil limousines, the weighty black status symbols favoured by the Kremlin’s occupants from Joseph Stalin to Vladimir Putin, have come to the end of the road, victims of Ru ...  | Read.. 
N. Korea warns of nuke disaster
North Korea said today that if the US attacks it, the conflict will turn into a nuclear war and cause “nuclear disasters” in Asia and the entire world. ...  | Read.. 
Director Peter Jackson and actress Cate Blanchett pose at the Directors’ Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. Jackson was nominated fo ...  | Read
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Born free
Clone of joy
Royal charity under cloud
Royal officials today said they would investigate reports that Prince Charles met with and accepted..  | Read.. 
Iraq scraps more missiles
Iraq began scrapping a second batch of banned missiles today to try to halt the US march to war — o..  | Read.. 
Bard’s First Folio sold to pay bills
One of English literature’s most valuable works — a First Fo ...  | Read..