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Lifeís inherent violence
An exhibit by Paritosh Sen

Violence has become so much a part of our everyday existence that it naturally reflects on art. Paritosh Sen along with four younger artists, Samir Roy, Satyaranjan Sarkar, Sudeshna Halder and S.K. Sahajahan, have teamed together to produce large drawings and paintings on this theme that has gained renewed relevance in view of events at home and abroad. Varied ideas about power, domination and victimisation are some of the inspirations of these works. Paritosh Sen displays some classic drawings based on scenes from everyday life. He has done an unusual work based on rugby. Roy paints heads that on first sight resemble tentacles. Sarkarís works are in formats unusual for galleries. Sahajahanís works give the impression of bodies being flung around at a high speed. The paintings of the only woman participant, Sudeshna Halder, are all about the game of power in our lives irrespective of gender.

When: Till March 7; 4 pm - 8 pm

Where: The Artery, Himadri Apartments,

1st Floor, 22 Ballygunge Park Road

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