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Pensioner warrior

London, Feb. 27 (Reuters): An 80-year-old British pensioner has been called up by the ministry of defence for possible action in Iraq, the Sun reported today. If he went, it would be the first time Joe Steer had seen active service since the World War II battle of El Alamein in Egypt in 1942.

The call-up papers ordered Steer to report to a training camp. “I’m a bit past my prime,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

A ministry spokesman said the call-up was an administrative error.

Fidelity vow

n Manila (Reuters): A Filipino man cut off his penis and tossed it through a window to his estranged wife in a bid to prove his fidelity in the northwestern town of Malasiqui, the Philippine Star said. “So you will not suspect I am courting another girl,” the man shouted before he hobbled off into the night.

Ant games

London (Reuters): Not all ants live up to their image as egalitarian hard workers , some are guilty of nepotism. Finnish researchers have discovered an ant species that favours its own relations in colonies descended from multiple queen ants.

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