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Iraq stirs on UN missile deadline
Iraq will respond to a UN order to destroy its Al-Samoud missiles within two days, an Iraqi official said today ahead of Security Council talks on a draft resolution laying the groundwork for war against Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Bare beauty for a cause
Sophie Dahl has turned her talent for posing provocatively in the nude into an eye-catching draw to raise cash to relieve world poverty. ...  | Read.. 
Suicide by French chef
The pronouncements of France’s mighty food guides have always been able to make or break a restaurant in this food-obsessed country. ...  | Read.. 
N. Korea restarts nuke reactor
North Korea has restarted the reactor at the heart of its suspected drive for nuclear weapons, raising the stakes in its diplomatic showdown with the US. ...  | Read.. 
Sophie Dahl
Pensioner warrior
Fidelity vow
Ant games
UN watchdog opposes move
The International Atomic Energy Agency — the UN nuclear watchdog — said today that it was firmly op..  | Read.. 
Gardens in the sky for WTC
A plan calling for soaring “gardens in the sky” and a submerged memorial for the World Trade Centre..  | Read.. 
Green fire at palm oil
Ice cream lovers and French fry fanatics would not know it ...  | Read..