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Before attack, America guzzles Iraqi oil
American oil refineries have dramatically increased their reliance on Iraqi crude, even as the Bush administration steps up preparations for a military attack against Baghdad, to offset a shortfall in oil imports caused by a recent political crisis in Venezuela. ...  | Read.. 
No ifs and buts in J.Lo insurance policy
Jennifer Lopez has said she hates having her private life dragged into the media spotlight, especially when journalists get the facts wrong, but added that she was now able t ...  | Read.. 
Europe grits teeth at treatment that makes Hollywood smile
British dentists have been warned that they face criminal prosecution under EU law if they use tooth-whitening treatments to give their patients Hollywood smiles. ...  | Read.. 
Top UK hotels slip in a little extra on the bill
Britain’s most celebrated hotels have been accused of misleading guests by adding “discretionary” service charges to room bills. ...  | Read.. 
Meryl Streep and director Spike Lee at the French Cesars film award ceremony in Paris. Both received an honour award. (Reuters)
McCartney surprise
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Iraq test-fires missile for UN inspectors
Iraq test-fired a rocket engine today to show UN inspectors the Al-Samoud 2 missile could no..  | Read.. 
Mourners riot in Pak
Hundreds of mourners went on the rampage in Karachi today after the funeral of Shi’ite Muslims kill..  | Read.. 
Greece loses its Elgin marbles to Britain
The Elgin marbles will never be returned to Greece, eve ...  | Read.. 

Israel kills 8 amid power play
Israeli forces killed eight Palestinians and an Israeli sol ...  | Read.. 

Stick for truant kids’ parents
Thirteen families will be prosecuted in one day this we ...  | Read..