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Americans sneer at Hollywood peaceniks
Sheryl Crow was ridiculed for wearing a “War is not the answer” T-shirt to an awards show, Sean Penn was castigated for visiting Baghdad and Martin Sheen was slammed for exploiting his TV role as a fictional US president by fronting an anti-war tele...  | Read.. 
Threat to unplug microphones for Grammy anti-war rally
Television executives are worrying that the live broadcast of the Grammy awards in New York tomorrow — in which the British b ...  | Read.. 
Newton’s doomsday date: 2060
Sir Isaac Newton, Britain’s greatest scientist, predicted the date of the end of the world — and it is only 57 years away. ...  | Read.. 
Man, born a woman, gets kids’ custody
A man who was born a woman won custody of two children, with the judge ruling he is legally a male and his marriage to their ...  | Read.. 
Miss Germany Alexandra Vodjanakova with an Iraqi student at al-Nieel school in Baghdad. Vodjanakova travelled to Iraq to meet President Saddam Hussein ...  | Read