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Turkey dithers, Britain flashes Kuwait alert
The northern thrust of a planned two-pronged US-led invasion of Iraq was thrown into doubt today when Turkey put off any decision on whether to allow American forces onto its soil. ...  | Read.. 
Concorde engine fails, lands safely
An Air France Concorde carrying 56 people to New York from Paris landed safely in Halifax, Nova Scotia, today after one of the supersonic aircraft’s engines malfunctioned, t ...  | Read.. 
Air force to tackle Dhaka mosquitoes
The Bangladesh air force is being asked to combat a tiny aerial enemy — swarming mosquitoes that have provoked stinging criticism from the citizens of Dhaka. ...  | Read.. 
9/11 accused sentenced
A German court convicted a Moroccan today of aiding the September 11 suicide hijackers and sentenced him to the maximum possible 15-year jail term in the first trial of an at ...  | Read.. 
Miss Germany, Alexandra Vodjanikova, at Munich airport en route to Baghdad on a private peace mission. (AFP)
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Record row
Paul treat
Tense times for Americans abroad
These are uneasy, tense times for Americans living abroad. As the possibility of war against Ir..  | Read.. 
Music industry has to rethink its ways of doing business
From newcomers Norah Jones and Coldplay to old-timers Bruce Springsteen and Sting, a glance down th..  | Read.. 
‘US pursuing own oil interests’
A German Cabinet minister poured fuel on the flames of a tr ...  | Read.. 

UK court blow to asylum plan
The British government’s get-tough policy on asylum suffere ...  | Read.. 

Beat arthritis with fish diet
A Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, fish, poultry, fru ...  | Read.. 

Universal way to treat all addictions
Whether you smoke a cigarette or use cocaine, certain nerve ...  | Read..