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Cylinder journey high on risk

Cooking gas cylinders being carried in the bonnets of taxis is a common sight in the city. Such callous handling of inflammable material can cause accidents any time. Oxygen and nitrogen cylinders are also piled at the back of trucks on top of each other. These do not have the protective caps around the brass fittings. Basic safety rules make it mandatory to place the cylinders in individual vertical cages with protective caps. This ensures safety of the high-pressure containers during movement. One can imagine the consequences if a cylinder topples and explodes on a busy street, or if another vehicle hits a loaded truck from behind. Why canít the government enforce the safety rules' D.K. Chanda, Dover Lane.

Drain doom

Several housing complexes in the city have been built with faulty drainage systems. Vivekananda Abasan on Nayapatty Road is one. The water in open drains remains stagnant for a long time and, as a result, residents are facing a mosquito menace. Debaprasad Mukherjee, Nayapatty Road.
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