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Stars count cash, sponsors runs
In business, there’s a parameter to measure a company’s profitability: earnings per share (EPS). The higher the EPS, the greater the company’s profitability. ...  | Read.. 
Husain falls for ‘mother’ Mayavati’s magic
Maqbool Fida Husain says he is searching for the mother he lost young and in the course of the search, his sight has now turned to Mayavati. ...  | Read.. 
Ministry presses for media self-sponsorship
Major broadcasters are actively circulating a draft content regulation code to influence government policy on control over what will be beamed on television but the ministry of information and broadcasting under Ravi Sha ...  | Read.. 
Can’t stand this long a speech
Cramp forces Shekhawat to cut short 24-page translation
Long speeches in Parliament have often left listeners numb. Today, the sufferer was at the wrong end of the microphone. ...  | Read.. 
David Beckham sports a bandage on his left eyebrow after he was injured when Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson flew into a rage following the te ...  | Read
Let us send our best wishes to the Indian cricket team

Harare heroes in armband dilemma
Andy Flower and Henry Olonga, who authored unusual history last Monday, may not wear the black ...  | Read..
Congress stays off BJP Ayodhya debate bait
Guess who’s raring for a debate on Ayodhya' No, it’s not the Congress but the BJP. ...  | Read..
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Kalam seeks swift temple verdict
President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam today urged political and religious leade ...   | Read.. 
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SC clears decks for diploma ‘doctors’
The Supreme Court today said diploma-holders in Bengal had the right to tr ...   | Read.. 
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Londoners pay jam fee, world watches
The world’s largest congestion charge scheme went live in traffic-clogged ...   | Read.. 
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Sehwag confirmed as opener, Sourav will be down at No. 4
It’s confirmed that Virender Sehwag will return to one of the opening ...   | Read.. 
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Married in ’67, separated at 62
Last week, the judge tried to play marriage counsellor. But even that didn’ ...   | Read.. 
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Look beyond the madness
The author is a retired air marshal of the Indian air force ...   | Read.. 
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Budget hopes, receding war fear fuel stock rally
The stock markets finally took off on a pre-budget rally as fears of a war ...   | Read.. 
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Women & wine do just fine
T aking to the dance floor or chatting with friends or just hitting the ...   | Read..