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Londoners pay jam fee, world watches
The world’s largest congestion charge scheme went live in traffic-clogged central London today with cyclists celebrating, motorists fuming and urban planners around the globe watching keenly. ...  | Read.. 
Hillary feat
He may have been one of the first two men to conquer Mount Everest and the first man to reach both the South and North Poles, but Sir Edmund Hillary counts helping the sherpa ...  | Read.. 
Split EU seeks unity on Iraq
European Union leaders, deeply divided over Iraq, sought a united front at an emergency summit today, while Nato military planners moved to defend Turkey after breaking their ...  | Read.. 
21 killed in Chicago night club scramble
At least 21 people were killed, mostly trampled or crushed to death at a Chicago night club today when they scrambled to escape fumes from a crowd control spray used to break ...  | Read.. 
Australian singer Holly Valance at a fashion show in London. (AFP)
Brothers in gaffes
Potter name
Daring Ben
Famine ship
‘Pervez was a naughty boy’
Pakistan President Pervez Musahrraf grew up as a “naughty boy” not so inclined to studies, but his ..  | Read.. 
Holiday blizzard barrels into NY
A holiday blizzard barrelled into New York and New England today after it closed most major airport..  | Read.. 
US turns on student watch
Mandated after terrorists first bombed the World Trade ...  | Read.. 

Transatlantic alliance against tobacco
Two of the world’s biggest cancer charities launched a tran ...  | Read..