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US mulls another crack at diplomacy
The US and Britain considered giving diplomacy more time today in the face of resistance at the UN to their plans for war to disarm Iraq and vast weekend peace protests around the world. ...  | Read.. 
Blair tastes mass fury
Tariq Ali, the former Pakistani student leader turned grey-haired, middle-aged and respectably middle class author and broadcaster, received thunderous applause in Hyde ...  | Read.. 
Rome mayor pays Aziz back in his own coin
The mayor of Rome snubbed Iraqi deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz today, cancelling their scheduled meeting after Aziz refused to answer a question from an Israeli journalist ...  | Read.. 
‘Butcher’ travels from boarding school to bloodshed epic
British actor Daniel Day-Lewis, nominated for a best actor Oscar, recounted how he was drawn to the lights of the theatre during his unhappy time at boarding school. ...  | Read.. 
A boy flashes the peace sign as hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Sydney on Sunday to show their opposition to a possible war against Iraq. (AP/PTI)
Arms and umbrella
Sour tunes
Print censor
£5 fee to clear London jam
Cyclists love it and motorists hate it, but like it or not from tomorrow the biggest traffic conges..  | Read.. 
New bin Laden tape targets ‘Pharaoh’ Bush
A Saudi-owned newspaper today published excerpts of what it said was a new audio recording by Osama..  | Read.. 
Six Hamas members killed in blast
At least six Palestinian members of Hamas were killed today ...  | Read.. 

Hyundai cash confession
An executive of South Korea’s Hyundai group acknowledged to ...  | Read.. 

LTTE kills Lanka soldier
Tamil Tiger rebels shot dead a Sri Lankan army soldier who ...  | Read..