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Curious rise in ranks of ‘redheads’

There has been a sudden rise in the number of vehicles with red lights. The facility, we understand, denotes that the person in the car holds a privileged position or a post of authority. But then, the ministry has seen no expansion, and the top cops remain unchanged. Then how has the number of red-light vehicles risen' I would also like to point out that several drivers take advantage of their employer’s red-light car by parking in no-parking zones, not paying parking fees, and so on. Red lights should be used only when the officer is in the vehicle, and no family member is allowed to use the same. Sumant Poddar, Kyd Street.

Dire streets

The road near Ghusuri Bazar, at Belur, which connects us with Howrah, is very poor. Schoolchildren, factory hands and commuters use this road, and almost every day, there is a minor mishap or a scuffle breaks out between motorist and pedestrian. I urge the authorities to take up repairs before a major accident occurs. T.K. Chakraborty, Motilal Nehru Road.
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