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Nato struggles to close worst rift in history
Nato struggled today to repair one of the biggest rifts in its 54-year-old history, but France, Germany and Belgium gave no sign they would back alliance preparations for a possible US-led war against Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
CIA voice in al Qaida alert
CIA director George Tenet said today that al Qaida remained a threat to the US and information showed Osama bin Ladenís network had established a presence in Iraq and Iran. ...  | Read.. 
Lift sanctions on Zimbabwe: Nigeria
Nigeria is calling for the lifting of Commonwealth sanctions on Zimbabwe and its readmission to the organisation, and has the support of South Africa, a senior Nigerian offic ...  | Read.. 
Support to Bush war eats into Blair ratings
Britainís Tony Blair is paying a high political price for his readiness to join a US-led war on Iraq, his poll ratings have slumped and his ambition to act as a transatlantic ...  | Read.. 
Dustin Hoffman (third from right) and Christopher Lee (second from right) with hostesses during a Unicef benefit performance at the Berlinale Internat ...  | Read
Friends in London
Pet pique
Rare feat
Nicole scoffs at romance rumours
Nicole Kidman, in London last night for the premiere of The Hours on the eve of a possib..  | Read.. 
Chicago dances to 13 Oscar nominations
Musical Chicago danced around the competition at the Oscars today, scoring 13 nominations in..  | Read.. 
Lisa gets critics all shook up
Twenty-five years after Elvis Presleyís death, the only chi ...  | Read.. 

Turkey denies offering Saddam safe haven
Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul today denied a report t ...  | Read..