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No passage up the broken stairs

The escalator at Central station has been out of order for the past four months. Despite repeated requests to the station master, nothing has been done. Instead of repairing the escalator, the authorities have put up bamboo poles and a notice “under repair”. This does not help us — the aged and heart patients. It’s a distressful experience to climb up the steep stairs. Will the Metro Railways announce when they will start operating the escalator' If they don’t wish to do so, they may as well remove the escalator for the convenience of commuters. Paramita Mitra, Ananda Palit Road.

Bottled impurity

Several companies are marketing mineral water in plastic bottles. Most people do not spare a thought before buying such bottles. Not all of the brands are trustworthy and certain brands reportedly contain impurities. The municipal authorities should check the sale of spurious mineral water and issue ‘fitness certificates’. B.N. Bose, Dum Dum.
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