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Another partner tars CPM

Calcutta, Feb. 9: Barely a week after CPM parliamentarian Radhika Ranjan Pramanik rebelled against his party leadership, the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), a key constituent of the CPM-led Left Front, said the government has not carried out any major development work after 1987.

RSP state secretary Debabrata Banerjee told party supporters at Shahid Minar that the ruling coalition was capitalising on what the government achieved in the first 10 years in office.

“We did a wonderful job during the first 10 years in government. After that, no development work has been done and the government is banking on its performance of the first 10 years to win elections,” Banerjee said to loud cheers.

Without naming the CPM, Banerjee accused the party of pursuing a pro-Congress line. “The Left Front and the Left parties are the only alternative to the BJP and the Congress at the national level and CPM will have to play the role of a leader in this respect. But the party is still pursuing a pro-Congress line and we feel it will harm the growth of Left politics in the country,” he said.

The Forward Bloc, another Front constituent, has also criticised the CPM for its “please-Congress line”. General secretary Debabrata Biswas told reporters a couple of days ago that two communist parties will soon realise they have made a great mistake by supporting the Congress, which represents the landlord class and the bourgeoisie.

“A new slogan has been coined by some of the Left parties — better Left Front. Does this mean we will give up the path of people’s struggle' Whatever be the opinion of the other Left parties, it will not be possible for our party to give up the path,” Banerjee said.

Former PWD minister Kshiti Goswami was more severe on the CPM. “Some of the Front constituents want to retain power in the panchayat elections by using the police and anti-socials. But this should not be the attitude of a leftist party and we feel this is not the correct position of a revolutionary party. We have to retain power by bringing people to our side and we have to work hard to make the people feel that our policies are meant for them. It is the people who are our main source of power,” Goswami said.

Mamata visit

Mamata Banerjee visited Pramanik’s Salt Lake residence today amid speculation that he is going to join the Trinamul Congress. Pramanik refused to say what they had talked about. But Trinamul sources said he might not switch sides now as that would mean giving up his Lok Sabha membership.

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