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Plagiarised dossier blows up on Blair
British Prime Minister Tony Blair was accused today of playing the same propaganda games as Saddam Hussein after chunks of an “intelligence” dossier on Iraq turned out to have been plagiarised from academic papers. ...  | Read.. 
Australia cloned sheep dies
Australia’s first cloned sheep has died despite being in apparent good health, but any chance of getting to the root of the mysterious death was lost when its decomposing car ...  | Read.. 
Aide sues Brando over home loan
A woman who worked as a personal assistant for Marlon Brando for 25 years sued the actor in a Los Angeles court yesterday, claiming he was trying to force her to repay $185,0 ...  | Read.. 
Snooping charge on hacker
A college student was indicted yesterday on charges he placed software on dozens of computers that allowed him to secretly monitor what people were typing, and then stole aro ...  | Read.. 
Senior Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader Asif Ramzi. (AP/PTI)
Mobiles that shoot to kill
French police said today they had seized two lethal mobile phones capable of shooting four bullets,..  | Read.. 
Naomi takes privacy suit to top court
British supermodel Naomi Campbell has taken a privacy battle to the UK’s highest court in a bid to ..  | Read.. 
Hormone end to premature births
A dramatic increase in the number of premature babies might ...  | Read.. 

Suu Kyi receives $1m award
The US-based Freedom Forum foundation said yesterday it had ...  | Read.. 

Weakened Pak terror group still a threat
Pakistan’s most feared Islamic militant group, branded by W ...  | Read.. 

US raises threat level to orange
US attorney general John Ashcroft today formally raised the ...  | Read.. 

Sensitive peanut test developed
Scientists have developed a new, highly sensitive test that ...  | Read.. 

Lanka rivals meet
The Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels met in Ber ...  | Read..