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CHECK MATE: One of the rogue cops being led away

Once not enough for no-parking lessons

The news of the country’s first underground multi layer, computerised parking cum pedestrian plaza on Lindsay Street (Walk, it’s no-entry at New Market, Metro, January 2) was amusing. The project, at an estimated cost of Rs 20 crore, is reportedly a brain child of mayor Subrata Mukherjee

Parkomat, the country’s first hi-tech parking plaza, at the Park Street - Rawdon Street crossing, which has come up violating the CMC’s own rules and ignoring harassment of pedestrians, has been rejected by the people due to exorbitant parking rates — almost four times the existing rates of parking on the streets.

Despite the knowledge of people’s apathy to such parking facilities, how can the mayor moot such a proposal' The state government should resist such waste of tax-payers’ money. This is a period of financial crisis and the CMC must take a lesson from other prosperous states in the country.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Cop cover-up

Bapi Sen had to die as he put up a resistance against five constables teasing a woman (Cops in band of brotherhood, Metro, January 10). Yet their colleagues are blatantly trying to protect the five gems of the force. What brazen-faced fellows they are! They also supplied mufflers, jackets and lungis to cover their faces. When the police top brass is speaking of discipline, the conduct of the rank and file paint a different picture.

Amitava Basu,


lWhy should such persons be allowed to cover their faces' Their identity should be projected before the public as a warning.

Ratan Gupta,

Address not given.

Late reaction

Apropos the Metro report ‘Cops thrown the code book’ (January 8), it is ridiculous that just after the death of Bapi Sen, the police top brass despat-ched circulars, calling for strict enforcement of rules. Talk of the adage ‘After death comes the doctor’!

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

Handle with care

The police should bear in mind that interference in family matters sometimes amounts to breach of privacy. But if the proposal is implemented in the right spirit, it will go a long way in settling marital discord. (Spouse spat' Call the cops, Metro, January 7).

Ranu Mukherjee,


Welcome move


It was great to know about the beautification of Curzon Park (A beautiful thing’s happening at Curzon Park, Metro, January 7). Presently, after sunset, the park becomes a den of drug peddlers, pimps and goons. An entry fee should also be imposed to keep off unwanted elements

Bhupen Bose,

Dum Dum Park.

Test of patience

This is with reference to ‘CMC trade licence check afoot’ (The City Diary, Metro, January 2). I appeal to the mayor to spare half-a-day to observe the plight of the people queuing to obtain/renew licence. It is hardly possible to get a trade licence renewed in a day. Can the CMC not issue bills to all licence-holders in advance, as is being done for profession tax or electricity bills, and make arrangements with banks where one can deposit the fees'

Vipin Chandra,

A.T. Mukherjee Road.

Nippon ties

Apropos the report ‘Yen bonanza for Tagore gallery’ (Metro, January 6), it is heartening to learn that Mitsubishi will fund a Tagore gallery on the Jorasanko campus of Rabindra Bharati University. The gesture will cement Indo-Japanese cultural ties visualised by Tagore and Japanese nationalist Count Okakura about a century ago.

Prahlad Agarwala,


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