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Eunuch mayor

However, there was nothing wrong with today’s judgment, she said, as it did not address the larger question of eunuchs’ sex but was limited to Kamla Jaan’s “false” gender status.

Shabnam Mausi said as eunuchs could choose their sex, they should keep it in mind while aspiring for seats. “If you are interested in contesting seats reserved for women, get yourself registered as a woman,” she said.

Eunuchs in Madhya Pradesh have gained popularity in the political arena for their honesty and capacity to get work done. But they are yet to make a foray in national politics.

Shabnam Mausi had tried hard to get into the Congress and even managed to impress Sonia Gandhi, but state leaders had scuttled her entry into the party. Hardened by similar rejections, eunuch leader Suriyya said the community was now planning to float its own party.

But the tide seems to be turning in favour of the eunuchs, at least in Katni and Suhagpur, Shabnam Mausi’s constituency. Many voters — disillusioned with the usual political parties — claim they will bank on the eunuchs the next time round.

as they had no family ties and tended to serve the people than feather their own nests.

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