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Focus on heat surge on shuttle’s left side
Crews combed suburban gardens and remote Texas woodlands for the remains of space shuttle Columbia today as experts focused on a heat surge on the left side of the doomed spacecraft in the early investigation of why it disintegrated. ...  | Read.. 
Tragedy can maroon space station crew
The US shuttle disaster could jeopardise the $95 billion International Space Station and maroon the astronauts aboard the outpost until Russia sends up a replacement crew, Ru ...  | Read.. 
Blast near Pak oil hub
At least one person was killed and two wounded today in a powerful explosion near the headquarters of Pakistan’s state oil company in the heart of Karachi, police said. ...  | Read.. 
Powell vows sober proof
US secretary of state Colin Powell pledged today to provide “straightforward, sober and compelling” proof this week that Iraq was hiding banned weapons from UN inspectors in ...  | Read.. 
Sheryl Crow performs during a break at the National Hockey League All-Star Game in Sunrise, Florida, on Sunday. (Reuters)
They are all angels: Widow of Ramon
Rona Ramon, the widow of Israeli combat pilot-turned-astronaut Ilan Ramon, told Israeli reporters l..  | Read.. 
Heroics may work in Hollywood, not space
If liftoff damage to Columbia’s thermal tiles caused the disaster, was the crew doomed from ..  | Read.. 
A pill by any other name
It may the newest drug to rival Viagra and last longer and ...  | Read.. 

Chandrika softens Tiger stand
Sri Lanka’s President today called on the Tamil Tiger rebel ...  | Read.. 

Potter all right, says Pope
Harry Potter fans, relax. The Vatican says the kid is all r ...  | Read..