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Buddha rings hawk alarm

Raiganj, Feb. 2: West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today voiced concern about the increasing activity of fundamentalist organisations in the state.

Addressing a rally here this afternoon, Bhattacharjee said the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was trying to create disturbance in areas of the state bordering Bangladesh.

The chief minister blamed the BJP and its “sectarian” politics for the growth of fundamentalist organisations.

“The BJP is trying to divide the nation along communal lines. They are trying do a Gujarat in West Bengal,” the chief minister said.

Bhattacharjee accused Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamul Congress of providing the BJP with “a toehold” in the state’s politics.

“Trinamul is trying to find a balance between the politics of Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse, which is almost an impossible task,” he said at the rally at the Merchants’ Club grounds.

The chief minister said Gandhi had tried to create communal amity between the Hindus and Muslims in the country. “But the BJP is trying to divide the nation in the name of religion,” he alleged.

Bhattacharjee, however, devoted the better part of his speech to the state’s unemployment problem.

The chief minister asked the youths to get into business without waiting endlessly for jobs.

“Rather than looking for jobs as primary school teachers, you should try and look for self-employment such as poultry development,” the chief minister advised the youths.

Bhattacharjee said the job opportunities in the country were dwindling fast because of the “faulty” policy of the BJP-led government at the Centre.

The chief minister, however, failed to captivate the audience. Many people left the venue when his speech was halfway through.

“Don’t stop anybody,” Bhattacharjee instructed party workers trying to prevent people leaving.

Earlier, villagers waving placards tried to stop Bhattacharjee’s motorcade as it passed Itahar on the way to Raiganj.

They were pushed back by the policemen lining the national highway.

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