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Shanties & unwanted guests

AJAY NAND, additional superintendent of police (Salt Lake) met readers of The Telegraph at Bidhannagar North police station to answer their queries. Participants included Sukumar Samanta, P.K. Chowdhury, Diptimoy Ghosh, Ajoy Pal, Haribhusan Mazumdar, K.K. Pandit and P. Khan

Sukumar Samanta: I live in AA block. Auto-rickshaws ply on the roads without a care for pedestrians. Can they be reined in'

I must admit that the autos are really creating problems. There is no fixed traffic rules in the blocks to control them. Let me discuss it with the ward committee and the municipal authorities. We shall try to fix their routes. Earlier, there was some problem with schoolbuses entering the blocks, but that problem has been sorted out.

Sukumar Samanta: The stretch from Keshtopur canal to Labony needs immediate repairs.

Actually, it is the duty of the municipality and CMDA to maintain the roads. But still, considering public interests, I shall write to them.

Sukumar Samanta: Till a few months ago, there was a policeman posted at the entrance of First Avenue and AA block. Why was he withdrawn'

Due to some administrative reasons. We are aware of the situation and will post a man there as soon as possible.

Sukumar Samanta: As president of AA block committee, I am very disturbed with the shanties that have come up all over Salt Lake. Do you plan to demolish them'

Of course, we are carrying out the process of eviction. However, you can write to the chairman of the municipality if you feel the measures arenít strong enough.

P.K.Chowdhury: In Salt Lake, some houses are lying incomplete.They house outsiders, even Bangladeshis. Is there any way to stop this menace'

I must say we have no specific allegations about Bangladeshis staying in these houses. Of course, if you lodge a specific complaint about any Bangladeshi illegally staying in any of these incomplete houses, we can take steps. We continue to raid such buildings and if we find anybody suspicious, we pick him up. Some times, it happens that some people stay in these vacant houses and carry out petty thefts. We are quite determined to stop this menace.

P.K.Chowdhury: Some households put up foreign students as paying guests. But they never inform the police about the guestís details. At times, some of them create social problems.

Salt Lake has not only paying guests but also some guest houses. I have asked block officers to identify the paying guests and guest houses. Actually, running a guest house in the township is not legal.

P.K.Chowdhury: How do you resolve a landlord-tenant dispute'

That is an age-old problem. It should be sorted out by the block committee and, in some cases, amicably.

P.K.Chowdhury: We residents of ward no. 15 are hemmed in by rampant parking of vehicles and wayside tea-stalls.

If any vehicle-owner parks his car illegally, we must take action against him. In addition, we cannot allow any unauthorised person to carry on a trade anywhere in Salt Lake. We will clamp down on these stalls soon.

Diptimoy Ghosh: Could the police distribute leaflets among visitors, citing the landmarks and road directions'

We plan to introduce visitors to the landmarks and for that, we will put up neon signboards. It is not possible to distribute leaflets. We also plan to set up police booths at vital points for public assistance.

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